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About Us

At Desi Kasai, we are passionate about bringing you the very best meat.

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Finest Meat Products

Desi Kasai is a retail outlet selling the finest meat products directly to the public at affordable prices. Unlike the larger chain stores and supermarkets, we get to know our customers. You can come in to our butcher shop in Harris Park and we’ll make it our business to accommodate you as best we can.

We have our well stocked display fridges with some great pre-cut meat selections that should inspire you to create a memorable meal for any budget. We are full of great ideas and have lots of advice on how to cook that particular cut. If your recipe calls for a certain cut of meat, just talk to our experienced and qualified butchers and they can prepare it for you, no request too hard or too small.

We specialise in sourcing regional produce and frequently liaise directly with the farmers. We have great relationships with the farmers who supply us and work closely with them. This ensures we understand how the animals have been raised and also enables the farmers to work with us in the pursuit of the best possible product for the plate.

Any product we stock has to be consistent with our beliefs as a sustainable meat butcher.

As well as being a meat butcher, we also stock a large range of seafood, spices, condiments, Kulfi and rice.