This authentic dish is one of our favorite picks and makes a mouthwatering combo with roti, chapati, naan, etc. The speciality of this recipe is the flavor of pepper along with delicious desi masala. In this recipe the succulent mutton chops are cooked along with seasonings. Try this spicy hot recipe today & enjoy!

beef chilli 1
Ingredients Beef Strips or Julienne ½ kg (Undercut only) Oil 4-5 tbs Green Chilies 5-6 Or to taste lengthwise sliced White Vinegar 1 tbs Soya Sauce 1 tbs Garlic chopped 1 tsp Grounded black pepper ½-1 tsp Salt to taste or 1 tsp Corn Flour 1 tsp Sesame Oil ½ tbs Water 2-3 tbs Bell [...]