Our Range of Halal Meat Boxes

Perfect for feeding your friends and family, from gravy filled dinners to family BBQ, you will find everything you need to keep everyone fed and happy with our range of halal meat boxes.

Weekend Party Meat Box

Planning something small with your friends this week? Our weekend party box is made just for that. Serve it up with some veggies and some soda for the best weekend experience.

Family Feast Meat Box

The best meat cuts for your favourite recipes. Enjoy a mix of chicken and lamb with our family feast meat box.


Weekend Party Box
1 Kg Marinated Drumsticks
1 Kg Chicken Tandoori Tikka Boneless
1 Kg Chicken Shish Tawook Without Bone
1 Kg Lamb Loin Chops
1 Kg Goat Chump Chops
1 Kg Goat Seekh Kebab
Family Feast Meat Box
1 Kg Breast Fillet
1 Kg Chicken Merrylands - Skin Off
2Each Whole Chicken
1 Kg Baby Lamb Curry Or Beef Curry
1 Kg Baby Goat Curry/Kilo
1 Kg Leg Of Baby Goat